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Monday, September 5, 2016

Kermit Flail-- A quiet yet awesome September!

So we've got a slightly subdued YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY as we head into fall, but still a pretty exciting show today folks.

I have to admit--I've been preoccupied with the dog and the kids and the finishing the sooper sekrit urban fantasy project this month, so I didn't drum up as much FLAIL as I usually do--but the ladies who joined us today are AWESOME, and they more than make up for the modesty of the assembly.

Also--and this never happens--I have Kermit Flail on a release day, so that's pretty special too!

Shall we begin?

Now the first thing up isn't a book-- it's a writer's convention-- and that's pretty damned awesome!

My friend, Rayna Vause, puts on the Liberty States writers convention for the past several years, and this year looks amazing. Lots of people I know and adore-- Damon Suede, Tere Michaels, Laquette-- will be there teaching classes, as will some awesome people that I've heard of but do not yet have the pleasure of knowing.

This is a great little convention for someone who wants some one on one with writers and a chance to really get to know the people they've heard so much about. Do check it out!


And since we're talking conventions, I should probably mention something else! Myself, Kim Fielding, Venona Keys, Shira Anderson, Mary Calmes, Poppy Denison and a whole bunch of other people are going to be at YAOI-CON in two weeks. The Dreamspinner booth promises to be just full up with awesome writers, and for everybody on the west coast who doesn't usually get a chance to visit, this is it! Come see us, chat, get signed books and swag, and generally enjoy yourselves!

Oh-- and don't forget to look at the awesome cosplaying kids, because they're my favorite part!

So there we go-- that's exciting and we haven't even gotten to the books yet!

That being said, our first book is actually an audiobook from Kim Fielding (who's going to be at Yaoi-Con, remember?) Now, the cool thing about this book--besides the fact that it's urban fantasy, and it's Kim, and I love her urban fantasy--is that it's one of her self-published books, and Kim gives ALL of her proceeds from her self-pubbed audiobooks to Doctors Without Borders, which is one of my all-time favorite charities.

So let's give a HUGE shoutout to Kim Fielding and Guarded-- YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYAYAY! ALSO, it's narrated by Greg Tremblay, who's amazing. And here we go with another YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYAY!!!!!


by Kim Fielding, narrated by Greg Tremblay

A brutal war left Volos Perun with physical and emotional scars and with a reputation as a hero. Now he's a soldier stationed at the palace, desiring Prince Berhanu while receiving only loathing in return. But when Berhanu foolishly refuses the king's request to let Volos accompany him on a peace mission to the neighboring country, Berhanu is kidnapped and brutalized. Now Volos must risk his life as he works to save Berhanu and help his country avoid another devastating war.


Next, we have Kaje Harper, who's stunning covers for this series has caught me breathless. Kaje is one of my favorite writers in this genre, so having her on board this month's flail is a real treat. Everybody welcome Kaje Harper with her newest installment in the Trace Finders series-- YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

Tracefinder: Changes
By Kaje Harper
Brian can Find a lost child or a wanted criminal, but when his secret gets out, even Nick’s skills and connections may not be enough to keep them safe.

Brian Kerr is now free of his dangerous boss and his domineering brother. He’s eager to start using his psychic Finding talent to help people, if he can figure out how to do that safely. His dyslexia, and his tendency to act simpleminded under stress, make building his new life a daunting challenge. And while his not-quite-boyfriend, Nick, is willing to support him, in bed and out of it, Brian doesn’t want to lean on Nick. If their relationship is going anywhere, he has to be a full partner and handle his own problems.

Nick Rugo’s walking a tightrope instead of settling into the ordinary cop’s life he’d hoped for. He’s hiding too many things from too many people. He has told professional and unprofessional lies that will come back to haunt him. Now, with Brian determined to start Finding again, he’s not sure he can protect the man he cares for. If all that wasn’t enough to make him start punching walls, he also has a suspicion that Brian’s brother Damon and sister Lori may be out there, lurking, ready to complicate their lives.

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And last--but hopefully not least-- we have Tart and Sweet, the final Candy Man offering from yours truly. Now some of you may have seen my guest post on Alpha Book Club about the Candy Man books and how they started. If you haven't, by all means, go check it out, because I got to go back in time and talk about meeting the real Darrin and talk about how he became the Candy Man. I'm sorry to see this series end--but I'm so grateful for how much people have loved it. I hope you all like this final story--I think you'll find it brings the series full circle. And by all means, enjoy these pictures (also found on the Alpha Book Club site) which my family and I took with Darrin when we went to give him the last book.

He's an awesome person--and his business is a wonderful addition to my hometown. I'm so grateful to have met him!  And if you do stop by Candy Heaven--by all means, mention my name!

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let's hear it for Tart and Sweet-- the last book of the Candy Man series, and the final book of this September's Kermit Flail-- YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

Tart and Sweet-- A Candy Man Book 

by Amy Lane

In the Army, Robbie Chambers turned on his lover out of fear—and he hasn’t been able to live with himself since. Now he’s out of the Army but still trapped in the closet that brought on his most cowardly moment, and he starts to think he’ll never be able to fight his way free.

Until he sees Cy McVeigh. Beautiful and uninhibited, Cy is dancing on the boardwalk at Old Sac for no other reason than the moment called for it. Robbie not only joins in the dance but is smitten from the very beginning.

However, Robbie still has old business to clear up, and when he helps out a kid in need and comes face-to-face with the man he betrayed, he’s forced to come clean with himself. He can’t redeem his mistake if he’s still locked into his old patterns, and he won’t ever be worthy of Cy if he can’t earn Adam’s forgiveness. He’s going to need all the help he can get from the people at Candy Heaven in order to make things right with his past so he can have a future with Cy.

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