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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sending and Receiving

I have to prepare a mail day!

I need to send some books to Jaime from Alpha Book Club, and I need to send Chicken her shirt, and I need to send my cousin's baby his hat.

And I need to send these little kid's chemo caps to my friend, who's niece will need one shortly, and who might possibly know some other little girls who will want something squishy and indescribably soft sometime in the future.

So that's probably going out Friday! *whew*

But today, I got this book--Forensics for Fiction: Blood Spatter, by Geoff Symon. 

Now, in our list of requirements for being bad parents, besides letting our kids watch @midnight, there is also letting our kids watch every crime procedural known to man.

Bones is a personal favorite.

Squish saw me get the book and said, "You obviously know the author."

"Yes! But he's not a romance writer--he's one of those scientists who analyzes crime scenes."

"Like in Bones?" she asked,  big eyed.

"Yup. This is to help writers write better crime scenes."

"Oh, Mom! You know the COOLEST people!"

I do indeed. And isn't it fun how we're all connected by post?

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