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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Little Moments, Big Memories

 A few random snippets from Yaoi-Con--

Me to Kim Fielding via Text: I'm here--where are you?

Kim: Venona and I went on a walk to the Marriott.  Where are you?

Me: At the Hyatt.

Kim: But we went to the Marriott to see you!

Me: Uh-oh...
 * * *
Roget to me: Where are you?

Me: Max's Opera Cafe, eating dinner.

Ro:  Tell me when you get back... I've got a thing for you.

Me: A thing?

Ro: A thing... it's... it's... it's... sooooo good....

Heh heh heh-- Can you see the picture? Three guesses what he got!

*  *  *

Can I just say that Edie, Ro, and Andy-- are all amazing and do the tackle hug thing with amazing aplomb. I could tackle hug these guys all weekend.

*  *  *

My phone rings while I'm in the middle talking to readers behind the table.  I answer, and, no lie, my mom says, "Do you recognize my voice? Are you dead? Do you remember who we are?"

Me: 0.0  "Uh... scuse me... I, uh... gotta go take this..."

For the record, I will never again forget to call my parents.

*  *  *

I roomed with Belinda McBride, and had the most wonderful conversations with her. She's the loveliest person--and the following piece of amazeballs happened as I was running out of the room to meet somebody downstairs:

Me: Wait-- where's my angel bag?

Belinda: Do you like angels?

Me: Well, it's Azraphael and Crowley from Good Omens.

Belinda: Oh my God-- that's the most sublimely funny book!

Me: Oh wow. My daughter gave me this because she loved it so much. I love anyone who thinks this book was frickin' amazing!

And she did. And I adore her.

*  *  *

I knew that Poppy (marketing director for DSP) had a meeting with someone named Kelly-- turns out?

I knew Kelly-- and she's awesome.  Small publishing world-- wonderful chance to find friends!

*  *  *

And of course, Amy Di Martino is stunning her her new cat miss and cat ears.

But then she is always a very wonderful kitten--and she was so sweet to "paws" for these photos!

*  *  *

We will see pictures of Shira Anthony, Kim Fielding, and I posing for Alternaties news letter-- two days worth, in fact.

You can tell we posed--we all dressed in complimenting colors.

Both times.

By total accident.    It was awesome!!!!

*  *  *

And finally, there was home.

The dogs have still not stopped spazzing out.

Mate let me nap on him for an hour.

And this afternoon, Squish asked me if she should wash her hair. I said, "Uh, yeah." Then I looked closely. "Wait--isn't that the same hairstyle I gave you Thursday morning?"

Mate said, "Uh, yeah. Sorry about that."

But he made me dinner, so all was well.

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