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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


* Zoomboy is fine. He wants everyone to know that he did NOT catch that minnow in the picture I put up two days ago, that was BAIT, and his first fish is yet to be caught.

* Squish is fine. I went to brush her hair this morning and realized that it was still in a tight braid like my mother would work for her, which means that she hadn't bathed or washed her hair since Friday, and that she may need to give her teeth some attention too. *headdesk* I'm pretty sure the teachers know when I'm out of town. 

*  Big T is fine. I cooked tonight--gravy and english muffins. He was thrilled. I also brought him pickled garlic, olives, and frog balls from the little stop on the way home from Vegas. Finally-- a gift T can really get into.

*  Chicken is fine. Her cat is pretending to love her roommate more than her though. She is a little upset, but I told her that the cat has to make sure she understands that she was gone for three days and HAS DONE WRONG. She thinks she can win the cat back with bribery and attention. I wished her godspeed.

* The dogs are fine. Needy little assholes, but fine.

* Gordy is suffering from spring allergies. Other than that, he still licks Mate's hair.

* Steve hates me. All is right with the world. 

* Mate missed me. He asked me if I wanted to go out on a date tonight. I burst into tears. I think it may have been too soon.

*  I need more sleep--because three hours of naps was not enough today. 

*  And don't forget that Selfie is out!  You can find it from AMAZON HERE,  You can also find Vinnie's two monologues here: 

Vinnie's monologue #1

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