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Friday, April 8, 2016

A Long Ago Lesson

I attended my first convention as a writer about eight and a half years ago. It was SacAnime, and I met all sorts of people there, including Erin Grey (from Buck Rogers) and Will Wheaton, who was exceptionally kind to Big T at the time. We also met the guy who drew and voiced Bugs Bunny for Looney Toons Back in Action-- he gave Squish, who was just a baby, a picture of Bugs that he presented in Bugs's voice. We still have that picture. We got it framed.

And we met the Little Vampire people.

I love these people--I still talk to Rebecca and James over Twitter sometimes--and I enjoy them very much. But I remember that first time, because I was still teaching at the time and Rebecca had been a fifth grade teacher, and she'd left it behind to try to make it selling her comics.

She's had some success--as she should, because ADORABLE--but mostly I remember her husband James, who wore a shirt that said, "Talentless Hanger-Onner" and who apparently helped her put together her stock for display, because he was THAT kind of husband who helped like that.  (this is a good thing, trust me.)

Anyway-- he said it looked like a Michael's store threw up during a tornado.

I've always remembered that description.

Which is funny, because I'm putting together swag packs for my own convention, RT in Las Vegas, and you know something?

My house looks like a Michael's store threw up during a tornado too.

Thanks James and Rebecca. You taught me a lot about what I do for a living right now, which is good. From you guys I have faith that my home shall be safe for man or beast at some point in the future.

It's good to know.

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