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Monday, April 25, 2016

Dragonflies and Peacocks

 So, now that I'm home and things are recovering their normalcy, I am back to taking walks every day and knitting. (And writing and editing and picking kids up and napping--I'm a SPECTACULARLY consistent napper) but the walks and the knitting bring me special joy.

So, this morning, as I was walking, I stopped to smell a flower. Yes, you read that right--just like in the books, I STOPPED to SMELL a FLOWER. And it was only lightly scented, but I realized I was sharing a flower with this guy, and he made such a pretty picture I took it.

Of course, me, being me, walked away and wondered, "Gee, did I post a picture of a dead dragonfly on Twitter, cause he was awfully still..." but let's pretend that's not a possibility and I just caught him in the middle of a nap.


A dragonfly nap.

We'll stick to that story, okay?

And someone posted the T-shirt on my FB page and I... I WANT IT my people, I WANT IT. Of course Mate has been very indulgent of me, especially as I was losing my shit over getting everything to RT, and I am already up a couple in the crazy knitter lady T-shirts... BUT... BUT... *sigh*  I'll settle for showing you the picture here.

Is. So. Awesome.

I'll console myself with the thought that they probably don't have my size.

And lastly...

I may have mentioned that during  Cinema Craptastique at RT I sat behind the screen and pressed Play and Pause while Damon made us laugh about a terrible movie. I was knitting between play and pause, and while Damon joked that it looked like a big woolen condom (ITCHY!) I kept smiling at Tere Michaels, RT coordinator extraordinaire and the person who was working our tweet wall. And hoping that she didn't figure out that the shawl (NOT a condom!) was for her.

I finished the shawl on Thursday and gave it to Tere Friday morning (I think? It all sort of blurs together.)  And the thing with giving it to Tere was funny-- I loved giving it to her because she's my friend, but that shawl practically BEGGED to be made for her.

I know peacocks. With the exception of Mate and Chicken, my entire family loves bright colors. The most subdued we get is burgundy, and that's my stepmom, but usually she's brightly dressed to match the season. (And nail polish and earrings. She's adorable, just take my word for it.)  But peacocks. Jewel tones. Deep, lush colors. Bold, bright color ways.

I mean, I myself am a self-proclaimed color slut--even my LYS owner doesn't know what I'll walk away with from one day to the next.

And this ball of yarn was one of those things. It was a palette of neutrals with a subtle strip of rose. And it was long enough--just barely--to make a shawl.  I knew maybe two people who would really love this shawl, and Tere was the one who was about to finish a Herculean task, and so it went to her.

She loved it--and I loved giving it to her (for one thing, she's always cold--she's a perfect recipient of knitted items, that is all I am saying) and I was suddenly seized with the idea to knit MORE SHAWLS, MOAR, but in PEACOCK COLORS, for all of my peacock friends!

I backed that down to a scarf. But you can see my dilemma... so... many... scarves... so little time!

Heh heh heh... I'll just have to keep knitting!

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