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Thursday, February 28, 2008


So, I finished the scarf for the student who DOES like me--it came out wonderfully, and, just to prove that making them stuff isn't a complete waste of time and energy, she was SOOOOOO grateful--the whole thing made me feel good. What also made me feel good was that I'd fixed her up with my own daycare provider--she needed a Senior Project mentor, and my daycare provider (having gone through her own Senior Project when the Cave Troll was just a tadpole in her mother's day care) was happy to do it. So the scarf student had just gone and put in senior project hours with my own kids--she came by my class to tell me that they were every bit as cute as I told them in my stories, and, seriously, what mother doesn't want to hear that?

Tonight was a bizarre mixture of Open House and course registration--I'm too tired to go into it more than that, but suffice it to say that my presence was a complete waste of time. With one exception.

One of my juniors this year is actually the little sister of someone from the class of '99--who I also had as a student. Anyway, Lili came to visit me, and I was thrilled, and it made an otherwise useless night sort of decent. (btw? If I still had my AP course, they would have needed me. OUCH.)

And then I got home and discovered that Cave Troll had jumped on Ladybug's head. *sigh* Somethings, you wish wouldn't time-capsule quite so well. (He is currently having a terribly tantrum because he wouldn't come to bed, so his sister got a book and he didn't.)

But other than that, not too terribly much to tell. I just heard a commercial for '21'--is it just me, or do you know your characters are doomed when they play *Break on Through* by the Doors in the background of the trailer?

Oh yeah--I taught Emerson there was a man who could have sung *Here Comes the Sun* every day of his life--and believed it in every note. They really don't make 'poets' like that anymore, now do they?


Roxie said...

They don't make poets like that anymore? I get made at least twice a week, and . .. oh, too much information? Anyhow, they don't PUBLISH poets like that anymore.

So coolabout or studnt and yorda-care prider. What good, round karma!

My verification word is cowxyfm Sounds like a bovine based epoxy. Mooove over Elmer.

KnitTech said...

oooo Kevin Spacey. I'd do him, on the table, in the cheerios and front of his parents. I saw the documentary, I think the movie will be way, well hollywood.

Em said...

Reading your blog always makes me smile, Amy. You're such a tender, dedicated mom, and hearing you talk about your kids (biological and educational) reminds me of why I want my own family. It's a great balm after listening to angry, spoiled children scream at each other for three hours in our waiting room every day.