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Friday, February 1, 2008

Knit-Tech has the BEST quizzes EVER!!!

It took me three tries to get this good! (Well, I was 71, 70, and I decided to quit while I was ahead.)

75 words

free Touch typing


Galad said...

I got 71 with one error, then got to 81 with four errors. Thanks to Knit-tech for a fun quiz. I haven't totally lost my touch!

KnitTech said...

That is sooo cheating. I posted my first score.

Word verification: kkijjra - I read waaay to many Gor books when I was yonger.

Donna Lee said...

I learned to type in high school on a manual typewriter. You remember the ones that you had to push the platen back at the end of every row? You don't remember? Oh god. I am so old.

Galad said...

Donna Lee I also remember those typewriters. When I finally got to work on an IBM Selectric I thought I had gone to heaven. I also remember using carbon paper - what a pain. Give me a computer any day.