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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Knit-tech dared me!

Seriously--I was gonna pass on this one, but she e-mailed me and dared me! Who know those years listening to Mate wax lyrical about the fabulous Mustang of Love would have brought us to this!

BTW? The damn survey won't let me post with ANYTHING else on it! That's why the title's funky up's really weird. !#$^&&ing blogger!

I'll have a real post later today:-)


KnitTech said...

I told you it was easy. I knew if I could pass, you would also.

Next time, I'll triple dog dare you.

Galad said...

I passed it too and no one in my family would believe that. I guess all that time researching cars in Car and Driver and Motortrend paid off!