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Monday, September 3, 2007

No more words...

I've got almost the whole first quarter of the book done w/the first edit--it's kind of fun going back and seeing the beginnings and realizing "Hey--I DID have plan..."

The only negative is the same negative I have at the end of any book. No more words... just a big, tranquil, sleeping blank space where there's usually a herd of random people, mouthing off, making love, raising their children, establishing thematic sequences...that sort of thing. Anyway, now that all of my secondary personalities are taking a vacation, I've got thanks for all of you (your e-cheers were really heartwarming--thanks and thanks and thanks again!!!) and some pictures...since I haven't shown you my children growing in a very long time. So, here they are, a random selection of my beautiful ones--including the kitten, who is a holy terror in his own svelte gray way. Oh yeah--and a sweater I finished on the fly for the Ladybug... I mean, because it is sort of a knitting blog...right? (Except the sweater's having trouble publishing... oh well... I'll show it again when it's cooler outside--and Ladybug is wearing it...)


roxie said...

Wunnerful, wunnerful pictures! What is it about a bare baby butt that make women go "Awwwww!"?

The hoodie is charming! Good work. The chilluns is charming, too. Good work!

Catie said...

Cute kids, love the kitten - good work all around