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Monday, July 9, 2018

Grown-Up Stories

So, on Twitter the other day, someone asked us tell the most On Brand (TM) story from their childhood years.

Mine was about being a latchkey kid. I would come home, gather my stuffed animals into a semi-circle, and tell them a story, then quiz them about the parts in the middle.

And you can make of that what you will.

But something just happened that I think is pretty on-brand for me as an adult, and I thought I'd share.

We get pest control because if I had to knock down my own wasp nests we'd all be trapped inside by hordes of the flying menaces, and that is the truth.

Tonight--and ugh, it was super hot on my porch--a guy representing another company came knocking on my door.

"Hi, I'm from Mosquito Hawk-X pest control--oh, hi little dog. Aren't you a cute puppy."

"She's full grown."

"Well I'm in the area, making appointments--do you have Pest Control?"

"Yes, we do--we use Golden Hills."

"Oh! Do you know Dave?"

"Tall, goofy kind of guy? Loves to talk? Yeah! I love Dave! I haven't seen him with Golden Hill lately--"

"That's because he's working for us now. If you hired us instead of Gold Hills, you could visit with Dave!"

I almost did it. I mean, he almost had me.  Because Dave and I had a lot of fun together!  He's great! Talks about everything! Fun guy!

But frankly, I'm barely organized enough to have Golden Hills come to my house. I mean, I like them. They know me.

But gees, I miss Dave.

In the end I said no--but when I told Mate, he thought it was pretty funny.

He doesn't even know our pest control guys have names.

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