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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Too quiet...

* Went and saw Love Simon today with Chicken. We loved it. I cried. We both irritated the crap out of people who were at the movies to see Paul, the Apostle. It was money well spent.

*  Took the cat to the vet today. Mate chased her...

--Out from under the kids' bunk bed, which he shook hard, displacing Gordie from the top bunk before she came hauling ass from underneath the bottom one.

-- Out from under our bed, where the dogs almost ambushed her on the way down the hall

--Behind the couch, where she backed out hurriedly because Gordie was already there, dammit!

--Right past me, who grabbed her by the tail and managed to wrangle her into her cat carrier.

She proceeded to bitch for the next half-hour, in the vets office and everything. I think a translation of her dialog would be, "RUDE!!!!!" and yes, the vet told her I was awful and Steve was beautiful and she didn't deserve this kind of treatment!

*  Submitted a workshop outline or four tonight. I think I did them wrong. Now I want to go back and redo them but I really have to finish this novella! Yikes!

*  More Pierce and Hal this week!  But not tonight--it's late.

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