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Friday, November 24, 2017

Some Friday Announcements...

So, I'll start with exciting business, and then I'll move to a nice little moment with Squish just now, are we ready?

First off-- I (meaning Ambrosia) added Scorched Haven to Instafreebie--if you wish to download it, go here: Instafreebie--Scorched Haven 

Now when you're there, there's a little box that says if you want to hear more from this author (me!) check that little box.

If you check the little box, you'll get a copy of my newsletter which I (meaning Ambrosia) worked on all week.

Second off-- If you already read Scorched Haven on my website (it's the same story) and STILL want to sign up for the newsletter, go here: NEWSLETTER SIGNUPS. 

The newsletter is a new thing, and we're going to play with it a bit, but the first version (volume 1) should go out tomorrow!

So that was VERY exciting. Also, I finished Crocus, the sequel to Bonfires, and that's exciting too! (For those of you who didn't see the free short on Amber Kell's blog, you can find it here: Amber Kell's Birthday Bash)

So that's all exciting, right?


Anyway-- our Thanksgiving was lovely. Lovely and tranquil-- for once, we only had one family commitment, and we had a chance to stay and play games. Food was great, games were great, family was wonderful. I really am grateful that my children and my parents and stepsister and her son were there--good, good moment. I was happy.

And today, well, I worked most of the day, but I sat down with the kids to watch a movie (InnerSpace) and then Twelve Disney Shorts, which were, well, wonderful but...

But The Little Match Girl. Which ended exactly the way the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale ended. On a note of unbearable sadness.

And the kids kept hoping for a happy ending, right up until... there wasn't one.

Anyway--Squish's face crumpled and she cried and cried, and I hugged her and told her that Hans Christian Anderson loved all the children of his village, but he knew they didn't all get a happy ending in this life so he liked to write and hope for a happy ending in the next.

She cried harder.

So I told her, "Well, you know honey, those stories really weren't for kids anyway."

"Good," she said. "We should give Trump a book of them to read, and say 'Look! It has PICTURES!'"

I told her she was very wise, and if she had her way, no child would end up like the kids in a Hans Christian Anderson story.  I really can't wait for her to take over the world.

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