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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pretty girls and Floofy Woof

First of all--my stepmom sent me pictures of the kids for Easter.  They went egg hunting in the rain, and they were SO most triumphant, I had to share!  For the record, each little egg was a pass to a toybasket-- yet another way to hunt without worrying about too much chocolate.

Second of all--it rained today when it wasn't supposed to. Squish was depressed--she was supposed to have outside class pictures today, and had worn her spring dress with a cardigan and everything. I took her picture when she got home, just so we'd still have one.

And thirdly--This happened on our way home from dance lessons. A TRUCK BUCKET OF FLOOFY WOOF!!!! Oh my God--ZoomBoy was taking the pictures, and he took like a zillion--but we couldn't seem to get a good one that showed there were FOUR magnificent fluffy woofs in the back of this truck. Was awesome.

Oh! Fourthly-- when you walk into an AT&T store and the three clerks start flirting with you, the only customer in the store, in a desperate attempt to talk about Unicorn Frappes and bodyguard phone protection, you know SOMEBODY is having a slow day.

Damn, were they cute!

And now, back to the Quickening blog tour. Oi!

1 comment:

K. Tuttle said...

Dude! Those fluffy, overgrown puppies totally look like they belong in a scene from Green's Hill!