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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Surprises, Good and Bad

I'll be honest--

I really wasn't thinking of the Rainbow Awards this year. I'd submitted as I've done for the last few years, but I knew my offerings this year were quieter than other years, and that was okay.

I get really excited when I see other writers, newer writers, friends, win too.  It's sort of awesome.

So imagine my surprise when Winter Ball won best Romantic Comedy-- that was unexpected and delightful-- as was having Lollipop and Selfie in the Runner Up categories for Best Gay Romance.

I was pleased and excited.

It's always nice to have your work acknowledged, and I'm so very happy for all the other winners and runners-up out there.

On the other hand...

Last night I performed a sleep apnea study-- some wonky heart rate things going on, that mostly have to do with being fat and old and mostly fat.

Anyway-- I figured the study would be a bust, because, hey, FAT. I spent all morning in the car driving cross town to return my equipment, and that was it. I dropped it off, and if there's nothing to report, well, you pretty much don't hear anything after that.

I expected this morning to be a big fat hassle for nothing.


Uh, imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from Kaiser, telling me I was going to have to wear another piece of equipment for a week, because apparently it's all very well to be old and fat, but when your body threatens to stop breathing in your sleep, that's where you draw the line.

So, I wasn't exactly excited to get this particular surprise.


All things considered, I sort of wish all surprises were like the Rainbow Awards. Uh, yay!!!

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