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Monday, December 12, 2016

Miracles and Catastrophes

So, general consensus is that it's been a fucktastic year and yes, PEOTUS Fuckturd still hasn't been removed from office and we're all biting our nails to see which of our favorite altruistic celebrities are going to be sacrificed at the altar of 2016's bloodlust.

Personally, this year can suck Satan's bag of dicks for me--I've heard five bad health words this year that used to make me leave the room when my grandmas started to talk about them and I've worried more about my older children since I have when they were in middle school, and worried hard about neglecting my middle school children because my older children have been a full time job. Tonight, Big T is in the ER with an asthma attack (from venturing into his old room here, actually, which he never DID clean all the way out. *smacks him on head between albuterol treatments*)  Mate is with him, and I am here, reminding myself on a minute-by-minute basis that small miracles still happen and have happened to my family all year long.

So here's a list of small miracles, some this weekend, and some from the year, that are going to keep me from buying into the general consensus that the world would be better if we all jumped off a cliff.


*  Small handmade snowflakes from friends

*  Chocolate to eat and glass santa ornaments from family

* A visit from my stepbrother whom I haven't seen in eight years--he's doing fine, as is his girlfriend.

* Had the big kids over last night for Big T's birthday cake and chicken night and movies.

*  Moana-- was an awesome movie.

*  The knowledge that even when the little kids are out of the house, Mate and I will still be seeing animated features like we did before the kids were born.

*  Lucas Till has not gotten any less cute on MacGyver.

*  Christmas colored sock yarn

*  Squish is stunningly beautiful as she holds that snowflake, right?

*  Big kids got cats.  Even though we're pretty sure dust is what set Big T off, we can still give him a moderate amount of shit for being allergic to cats.

* Today's bath bomb was lavender--which means both middle schoolers went to bed smelling soft and sweet and like flowers.

*  I'm almost fifty, and Christmas trees still make me happy, even though they're more like solstice trees.

*  Knitting for Charity

*  I'm going to my friend's house in Florida before Coastal Magic and we're going to see Franklin Habit and another knitting teacher, and I'm going to knit with a writing friend.  I've done this before. It doesn't get any less exciting. (Not with this friend though. Yay!)

*  My dogs are wearing matching sweaters

* The cat has crapped under the Christmas tree twice and in our benevolence, we've let him live

*  Mate went on a walk with me tonight.

*  If I could just catch a break--and seriously, doc appointments, fender benders, car repair, ad infinitum, you guys, I've kept you out of it, but you have no idea-- anyway, if I could just catch a break, I'm almost done with Fish and only a little late on deadline.

*  My next book is short!

*  I have a book out on January 1st that should make you happy!  (btw-- Dreamspun Desires are on sale right now-- go, get them, enjoy!)

*  And when I press "post" I'm going to finish a truly rockin' sex scene.

Okay-- I could actually do this all night. (I may have to-- Big T is still in the ER and I'm waiting for news. He's mostly fine, we're just making sure, breathing is nothing to mess with.)

But I think there's still more small human good out there to counter the massive evil empire bad that so scares us all.

It's something to concentrate on, at any rate.

Remember your small miracles--and may your catastrophes be something you can recover from.


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