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Monday, November 28, 2016

OMG You Have a Dog?

Made an appointment for the doc today and they gave me a time slot at 11:40. I parked (no easy feat-- Roseville is swarming with SUV's and big trucks and all the parking spaces are fitted for  MG convertibles) and was walking across to my med building when my phone rang.

It was my doctor-- he thought we were having a phone appointment.

I tried to convince him we weren't.

He was very confused.

He said to come in anyway and I said "Good! Be there in two minutes!"

Anyway, when I got there, he sheepishly admitted the appointment was in office, and I WAS supposed to be there, and then we started talking about my problem.

The question of exercise came up and I talked about walking the dogs came up.

"You have dogs?"

I showed him the cover to Freckles, and then he got out his phone.

And showed me a small dog just like her.

I about died.

There's no point to this story except you can really get some personal service from Kaiser if you and your dog bond over adorable dogs.

I have to admit, when I wrote this story, I was unaware of this perk--but I'm passing it on to you!

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