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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Needling Up

Okay-- I admit it.

I knit a little every day, but some stretches of time are more firmly devoted to knitting than others. I can go for months without ordering yarn online, or visiting my LYS, and then suddenly... BAM. I MUST.

And I must watch all of the television every night, so I can continue to knit the things I must knit.

I'm in one of those stretches right now, where every moment of stasis is a moment of knitting, and the following things are either on the needles, on the roster, books I wish to knit from, books I wish to own, yarn I wish to order, or general stuff of yarnly interest.

Are we ready? Let's go!

Claire's Outlander Cowl--modeled here by Squish. It was really very easy-- two strands of ultra thick & lofty yarn (I used Malabrigo, super-bulky, but you could use two strands of Lion Brand Thick & Quick) and size 35 needles. Cast on 12-20 stitches, knit garter until your yarn runs out, save just enough to join in the manner of your choice. I used pickup and cast off--but that's just what floated my boat.  Addictive, this one. Like, size 35 needles BAM.

Stories in Stitches -- not just the knitted item, but the story behind the knitted item. The last volume is strong women in history. There's also a volume of WWI and II-- I love history and how simple things like textiles and woodwork have shaped the lives of all the people who have come before-- I would LOVE  hours and time to explore these.

The Baker Street Scarf  I love this not just because it's modeled by Neil Gaiman, and not just because I'm knitting one for my editor in a cobalt blue by Blue Moon Fibers that would just totally toast your cheese, but also because it's from THIS BOOK-- Geek Knits , and every item in this book is something either my family or I wants.  So. Yummy.

And if you're knitting Geek Knits, you need a special sort of yarn. How about Nerd Girl Yarn.  The colors are stupendous-- saturated, rich-- and even better? Guys, the yarn names are LISTED BY FANDOM! *swoon* They have pretty much every fandom you could imagine. *fans self*  Seriously-- made me hot and bothered, just to read the list of fandoms, and then looking at the yarn? *swoonz and diez*

And, if you've already admitted to being a geek and  nerd, the next step is... THIS HAT.   And yes. I've already ordered yarn for it.  Because Zoomboy needs. It's important. Truly.

And, if you've truly gone round the bend on this knitting thing... there's always THIS. Because your cat may need a hat like you need another dead thing at your doorstep. There's always that possibility. Truly.

And there you go-- my new knitting fetishes for your enjoyment.

Uh... I should warn you-- I begged the internet today for the strength to resist ordering the yarn for ZoomBoy's hat, and I was told in no uncertain terms that ordering that yarn was no more than I deserved for pushing things like Nerd Girls Yarn and Geek Knits on an innocent and unsuspecting knitting populace.


I should have told you that at the beginning of the post, right?


Unknown said...

Fall, all the cold weather and we know winter is coming and even if El Nino may help it is still going to be winter and knitting something warm has just got to help.

jayhjay said...

Lol yes I unrepentantly told you to buy more! You were one of the people that inspired my knitting obsession so I feel no guilt! I have made the Clare outlander cowl and love it, also with Malabrigo. So squishy and soft. I'm actually using the same yarn for a tighter knit cowl now (19 needles) and love it even more. Can't wait to check out some of your links!