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Friday, April 1, 2011


Okay-- not just writing, but also working out, ignoring the shitpile my house has become, and getting my ass liberally kicked by springtime, which sprang on us like a jungle cat on an obese, out-of shape opossum, waddling through the pollen encrusted grass on the way to the water-aerobics hole.

Today, I had an errand to run, and the true horror of another summer WITHOUT air conditioning in my car became truly apparent. There I was, sneezing like a cat, as we drove down the tree-lined streets of Sacramento with my windows open. And to make things worse, that REALLY tires a girl out! I finished my errand, and then took Squish to a sit-down lunch at Mongolian BBQ-- she was SO grown up--she got her own Root Beer ( and knew what it was--I think it was that pre-reading symbol identification thing) and sat down and ate her noodles happily, and talked to me constantly, and I gave her my 100% undivided attention. We went from lunch to pick up the big kids (which meant I'd left the house at 10 am and got home at 4 pm) and then, she went and quietly played. The result? The giant Rapunzel Barbie (see Christmas) all decked out in her old knit dress (which, *sniffle* has been half devoured by fucking moths. Fuckers.) Anyway-- that right there is the photo above--proof, I guess, that although I've been #amwriting (as well as twittering, in order to explain that little symbol right there) I've also been fairly productive on a personal level too. (Although not as busy #amhousecleaning as Samurai Knitter, bless her! She CLEANS her oven--she doesn't just try to use the drippings inside to kill off any sentient oxygen breathers in a two mile radius.)

But my final monthly writing total (not counting some editorial work for DSP) was 67K--I was proud, even though it's not quite an entire novel, what I've got is pretty complex and dark, and I go slower when it's darker, so, well, yay! (I hope "Yay!" I haven't had a release since February. I know I've got two this month-- Waiting and The Locker Room--but I sort of got used to lots of feedback, right in a row, and I'm, sadly, going into withdrawals.)

And Squish is 1/2way through a really thick workbook for preschool kids. She's taken some of the assignments and ignored the directions, but she's good at what she does, and works hard. I'm proud of her--I want her to be able to write her name and read a little by the time she hits Kindergarten-- it's looking like that might happen. She can already count to twenty and with some refreshing will probably know her alphabet, so, well, go Squish!

Anyway, besides a rocking workout, a whole lot of sneezing, and some moments with Squish--that's all I've got. (Re: workout: one of the ladies I was working out with had some details about something that really pisses me off. I was doing tae bo moves--you know, punching water? Man, nothing like motivation to beat the holy living shit out of some water that desperately deserved it!)

Oh yeah-- wait-- two more things.

This morning:

Mate: Where in the fuck are the remote controllers. There were TWO of them? What did big T do with them?

Me: Well, you know, today WAS April Fool's Day.

Mate: Wait just a minute. (He disappears into T's bedroom and returns with two remotes.) Yup.

Me: Not a solid sense of self-preservation in that one. It's a good thing we've got another boychild to carry on the family name.

Also, Marie let Mary Calmes and I be Thursday Things at Cup of Porn. Beware if you surf the website-- the NSFW things are VERY NSFW-- but very tasty too.

Oh yeah-- I'm going to be doing a couple of guest blogs in the next few weeks--I'll post links, but if I get too caught up in #amwriting, and it seems like I'm only blogging twice a week instead of more than that--well, I'll tell you where I'll be!

Oh yeah-- a two headed synthetic leopard thing attacked itself yesterday! SKEERY!


Roxie said...

I love Squish's statue of the Playboy Madonna of May Queen.

Big T is still working on the concept of humor - right? At least he didn't decide to super-glue everyone's shoes to the floor.

You are a creative whirlwind!

DecRaink said...

Squish is gonna rule Kindergarten.

BTW, totally agree that Steve McGarret would Seme. HOTNESS

Galad said...

Squish will have it all covered by kindergarten, I have no doubt. Yay for writing - houses just get dirty again anyway :-)

KnitTech said...

It's all about priorities. Writing trumps housework, and Squish trumps everything else.

BTW: Happy Birthday Squish!