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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tan Squid--take two

To rid myself of the whine flavor of the last blogpost, I will give you this continuation of the tan squid discussion that was held the other day:

"Mom, I'm a tan squid and Squish is a pink octopurt, so what are you?"

"I'm a beige marSOOpEEul!"

"So you are a boring colored marSOOpEEul?"

"No-- beige isn't boring. Beige is neutral."

"What's neutral?"

"It goes with everything, like a red tie, or Switzerland."

"So what's a beige marSOOpEEul?"

(and I can hardly say it when I think it, I'm laughing so damned hard...)

"I don't know, baby, a Swiss kangaroo?"

G-night everybody!


Chris said...


Catie said...

hilarious :)

Roxie said...

Ooo, or a Swedish bilby. A Quaker Platypus? A Red Cross medic Tazmanian Devil?

Who else is neutral? An Olympic Judge wombat. That oughta give you enough options.

Donna Lee said...

A World Cup referee koala?

TinkingBell said...

BWAH! A swiss kangaroooooooooo! hahahaha!

I do feel your pain though - when I have assignments or study or whatever, it seems everyone in the house can wipe their bottom without me!

And when do I get to do some more editing? Hmm popppet?