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Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Morning for Mother's Day, I got...

* A chance to sleep in.

* A scroll with a vase of flowers made of handprints from a six year old with REALLY BIG hands!

* Cookies for breakfast!

* A four year old who wanted to give me a pretty pretty vase of flowers.

* A card with a magnetic 'mood indicator'--one that had a whole lot of 'order out' options.

* An 'I love you Alot' T-shirt.

* iTunes

* A card from Mate that made me cry.

* A son with lots of prom stories, including how much he HATES hip-hop music, but danced to it anyways.

* A feeling that I wouldn't trade all of this--destroyed kitchen and science experiment bathroom, crapmobile and sick animals and all-- for anything in the world.


Chris said...

Cookies for breakfast and kid art and an Alot?! Life is good.

Heh, my veri word is jockess.

Louiz said...

Sounds like a wonderful day:)

DecRaink said...

Happy mama's day :0)

Roxie said...

What kind of cookies?

Kudos to Mate! And congratulations manifold to you for raising such nice kids!

KnitTech said...

An Alot shirt? That's awesome! Sounds like an excellent Mother's day.

Donna Lee said...

I love the home made cards and handprints best of all. I have things that make the girls say, "Why haven't you gotten rid of that?" I can't explain to them that it represents childlove and it's precious beyond words.