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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mom Logic

"I do not understand my mom,
Why is that, you suppose?
I ask her if we can go out to eat,
and she says, "I like your clothes."

My brother asked her for a car,
She said, "I like your smile."
He said, "I do to, and thank you, mom,"
And that's all they said for a while.

My sister said "More dvd's!"
And Mommy said, "More fruit!"
My little sister wanted a stuffed animal
And mom said, "They're sort of moot."

I said, "What about my bunk bed!"
Mom said, "In the dog's ear!"
I'd look in there but they're infected,
So I'll wait until they're clear.

So today I asked her if
We could vacation in the south,
She said "I'd love to, honey--
But Disneyand's kitty's mouth!"

I bet it isn't in there--
At least not for me to see!
But when he gets back from the vet
Maybe he'll lick some Disneyland on me.

So I do not get my mom at all,
But she's right about one thing.
Money doesn't grow on trees,
even if it's green."

Love, Zoomboy.


Roxie said...

Better than that Dickinson chick's poems! Bummer about the critters, though.

Chris said...

Oh, nicely done, Zoomboy!

DecRaink said...

That's stinking cute

Louiz said...

Very nice! Hope the animals are all better now.

KnitTech said...

Zoomboy is pretty clever.