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Monday, November 17, 2008

Because this is my life...

I got home today and there were two packages--for ME! There was 'Elfhunter' from my friend Archer (C.J. Marks) and there was (oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!) 'Sanna Meets Dauntless SwiftSure' by none other than our very own Roxie--YEEEEEHHAAAA! So there I was, in my office (the bathroom) doing my business ('nuff said) and about two chapters in (bliss--on so many levels, you have no idea...) when there was a barge at the door.

It was the Cave Troll.

He had a pillow over his head, and he was screaming "I'm a cake, mom, eat me!!!" before he toppled backwards into the clean clothes, giggling like a maniac.

Within fifteen minutes, he was asleep on the couch, twitching like a hound dog after a long hunt. (Down apparently for the night--he hasn't woken up yet, and it's after 11 p.m.!)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my life--it ain't bad, but it sure ain't normal!!!


Louiz said...

Giggle, so, did Cave Troll wake up? (my verification word is popplin!)

KnitTech said...

What a wonderful day!

Word Verification: pusisses ('nuff said)

Roxie said...

"I'm a cake!"?? WHAT must it be like inside his head? Fun and goofiness abounding. Is he OK now?

Glad the book arrived OK. Enjoy!!

(my word is chosto)

Galad said...

Two nice surprises in one day! Cave Troll certainly is imaginative. You may just have a budding creative writer there :-)

TinkingBell said...

Hurrah - what great kids and what a great day and your life sounds like my life only I yell more!