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Saturday, January 12, 2008

What I told the Harlot...

I cruised the Harlot's post on 34 wee tiny leaves last night as I was proofing galleys, and wrote a response that's at least two blocks past Goofy with a right on Weird:

My manuscript sucks
My manuscript bites
It's not what I want
To be reading tonight
But I have to proof it
And change where I goofed it
And my brain and my eyes
Are working their loosest
So I'm taking a break
How much more can I take?
Til I see the Harlot make socks
That would make my brain ache.
Now my work doesn't grieve me
You all can believe me
If she can knit thirty-four
Tiny ol' leaves, gee--
I can finish my proofing
My awful typed goofing
And as a reward
I can knit up a new thing!

Go Harlot and her leaves!

And now, after three hours of sleep (Ladybug was on a 'let's make the parents wacko with exhaustion' kick) that's not looking any less strange.

BTW? I start a new semester on Monday--I'm not thinking about it because I don't want to sob through my last two days of break! I've got nearly 200 pages to go, and a nap to take, so I'm gonna git crackin'!


Roxie said...

Edit, edit, edit! You can do it! If it was easy, everyone would do it. You have what it takes, and then - THEN, you can have a NAP!!Ah, to drift into the arms of tender Morpheus . . . (Love the poem. I'm sure the Harlot understands. God knows I do!)

Em said...

You can do it! And if you want some help, I happen to love editing (yes, i am a sociopath, why do you ask?) and am always willing to help people get to nap time.

Catching up on the last few weeks of your blog has been fun, now that I have the interwebs back up and running. Thanks for making me smile. Best of luck with the new semester!

TinkingBell said...

What fun (Those leaves would do my head in!)Remember - galleys mean publication is nigh!! (and BM2)
Sleep sleep sleep - look deep into my eyes......