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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Okay...tiny post...if you have a small child (but one who doesn't like to eat things that shouldn't be eaten) here's a recipe for knitter's magic:

Take one brightly colored sock-yarn--I used sportweight--and 4 dpns--I used 2's. (I stitch big...tight stitchers might want 3's.)
Cast on between 36 and 44 stitches. Save long end.
K2/P2 for 3 inches. Save long end.
Sew on brightly colored buttons you bought for no reason at all, using long yarn ends.

Slide on toddler's wrist.

Trust me--the magic is there!!!!


Bells said...

Amy you're a genius!

Roxie said...

Where is the picture of Ladybug with her new bling? I don't have any kids and the cats would resent added magic. Wanna see the bling, Mom. Wanna see the bling! BLING NOW! BLING!! BLING!!

Louiz said...

cool, will try that!