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Thursday, February 25, 2016

When you run out of words...



All of my stresses at the moment feel sort of private--or things of which I must speak at length, and I have no time. All of my happies are small.  Maybe just small enough to list...

*  I finished this pair of fingerless mitts. They probably need blocking, but right now, they're perfect. They're long enough to feel like an ultra long sweater over my wrists and hands, and they fold down to the perfect length to type. I'm debating whether to put a thumb in--and I can tell you are riveted.  Moving on.

*  I finished the first edit of the first half of Rampant. This is a big deal--editing Bound was a horrible painful experience. This was much easier, and while I'm sure the editing team is getting the full mid-round workup from their trainer telling them to get back in the ring they can beat this thing, I'm feeling like this was a walk in the park. I am much relieved and very grateful to the editing team for their efforts.

*  I was designing swag today and Squishy came to look over my shoulder. "Oh. My. God. It's a bag. Good lord, you're designing a bag. Because God knows we don't have enough bags."  Then she smiled brightly at me and gave me a hug and a kiss. Because being that sarcastic SHOULD come easily to one so young.

* Tomorrow I'm helping to chaperone Squish's class at the Crocker Art Museum-- which makes me feel much better about not taking my kids there last week. I am much excited.

*  Big T and I talk at length in the mornings. One of the things he has always wanted to be is funny. This morning, he threw away a one liner that made me spit out my coffee. To some of us who are glib and easy with words, this is nothing of note, but for Big T? Words have been his enemies more often than not. When he gets to ride their backs with a whip and say, "Mine, bitches!"? That's a moment of exquisite triumph right there.

* My stepmom's nephew is going into teaching school. I'm so proud of him--awesome kid. (Okay, almost thirty, but still a kid to me!)

And I'll stop there! Night all! I may be tweeting from the museum-- I'm excited!

Amy out ;-)

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Unknown said...

Last time I was at the Crocker, there was a vending machine from which you could purchase tiny original art for something like $5. So I did.