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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gotta luv it...

Okay... long day,
Kids did play,
Teacher's say
Homework pays!
Soccer fun--
Does our kid run?
Mate doesn't know--
It's his show.
Little boys
With soccer toys
Slapping face
All over the place
They don't care--
It's that or stare
At all the dust
That's everywhere.
Big kids
Sleep a lot
Ooops, they're caught!
It's five o'clock!
The house is wrecked
And dinner's dreck
And we've still got
To drive a lot!
(Couldn't they at least
Have not fought
With their siblings
About zilch and naught?)
Teachers meet
About pay and shit--
I let smarter folks
Than I handle it!
Between my class
And the meet that passed
I edited til
Words came out my ass.
Closed my eyes,
In my room I slept
Quiet I kept
Until a kid came
HIs books to get--
(Good thing he's cool,
Or I'd feel like a fool!)
Crappy rhyme,
But tv time
My big kids need
Attention sublime--
I got no skills,
But I know the drill
We sit and we talk
Then watch our fill.
Leverage Wednesday
Then watch Buff-ay
Until my boys
Return on Thursday.
Dean and Sam
Dear veal and ham,
When I watch you guys
How happy I am!
Alas I still
Have a month to fill...
Until then,
I'll live with my yen.
And now I need
Your pardon to plead.
My rhymes are shit--
I'm through with it...
I'll be back I swear--
With words more fair.
Until now I fear...
I'm outta here!

(Seriously-- better blog tomorrow or Friday. This just sort of popped out on my keyboard and I thought I'd leave it for the moment:-)


roxie said...

Yup, sometimes the doggerel gets its teeth into you and just won't let go. Tres amusant!

Saren Johnson said...

It's better then what I could come up with.