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Monday, January 29, 2018

Geoffie in a TuTu

So, three things.

One--When Geoffie rolled around in the deer poop we had to throw away her sweater with the hood for green poopie reasons.

Two--I spent today in the car with my friend Karen, showing her the wonder that is my hometown. She's scouted here before so she knows some of it better than I do, but we had fun, went from Roseville to Folsom to Downtown and back again--and I even showed her some nifty things that she hadn't been aware of, and that may come in handy when she's writing her next fabulous mystery/suspense novel.

Three--I got home a little tired, and I'm up against a deadline, so I'm afraid no Hiding the Moon tonight, BUT, I promise some tomorrow, AND, in the meantime, I came home to
Geoffie in a tutu.

I mean, look at those pictures.

They get their own blogpost, right?

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