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Friday, June 2, 2017

Mulberry Street and an appearance at Pride

Remember that Dr. Seuss book? And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street? Where the kid sees stuff and plans to make it into something bigger and more exciting to tell his dad, but he always chickens out and just talks about the old horse and cart and that's al the saw?

Yeah, blogging is the exact opposite of that.

In blogging, you take the old horse and cart and you make it AS EXCITING AS POSSIBLE and tell EVERYBODY.

, that being said-- here are some things I saw on Mulberry Street today...

* A man with his head shaved bald and the back of it inked like Killroy, leaving his fatback to be the mouth, was facing away from me as I walked into the AT&T store today. Clever? Yes. Disturbing? That too.

* I almost ran over that guy when he tried to cross the road right behind a big garden truck that crossed between us. Oops! Sorry Killroy.

*  Mate dosed all the animals with flea control tonight, and now they're all sucking up to me to save them. Little do they know, I am the driving force BEHIND flea control!

*  ZoomBoy started calling the feeding of the cats "ending the great famine".  I think our cats and their flare for melodrama have possibly had an effect. (Yes, Amy, it's the cats.)

*  I had just gone down for a nap today when the big kids come over and raided our house. Seriously--sleeping bag, a pair of flip-flops, and an entire bowl of chicken teriyaki with vegetables, all of it, disappeared into their car while I managed to get up and put on my pants. I only WISH Groucho Marx said that having children is like getting robbed EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. (We'd still have them, but we'd know. We'd totally know.)

*  And I had other weirdness to make out of both ing, but I am TOTALLY falling asleep, so I'll leave you with this--

The QSAC will be at Sacramento Pride this Saturday-- J. Scott Coatsworth, Pat Henshaw, Kim Fielding, L.E. Franks, D. L. Kent, Michael C. Shutz, Genevieve Wolfe and I will be at a vending booth on J street if you want to come by, visit the Pride Celebration and everything, by all means do! We'd love to see you there :-)


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