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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Do Not Adjust Your Screen-- Those Are NOT Tribbles

 So I missed a blog yesterday-- but it was for good reason.

I think I said last week that poor Geoffie's eyes were very hamburgerish when I got home from Kansas City. I took her in and we were given allergy medicine but it didn't work that well--and her eyes went completely opaque under the crust.

When I brought her in for her recheck, she'd lost weight, and she was listless--poor baby did NOT feel good. Her lymph nodes were swollen and the corona of her eyes had filled with serum: she was temporarily (we hope) blind.

So I plunked down a crapton of money for tests and antibiotics. We're still waiting on the tests, but she's eating and responding to the antibiotics (which is good, because the $200 a day fee for the IV fluids was not exciting to any of us.

Anyway-- this morning, she was feeling a little better and I took her and Johnny for their walk. I ran into my neighbor, and we started talking about the neighborhood in general. Recently a big ten acre tract of poison oak and regular oak had been cleared not far from our houses. Many homeless lived there (we could smell them cooking turkey over open fires when it got cold.)  We were talking about where they had relocated (it's a smallish neighborhood- we worry) and then we talked about rats.

A fuckton of rats had been displaced by the new development--we knew the dogs and the cats had been actually earning their keep, keeping the vermin from our doorstep.

And I wondered if THAT'S what had made Geoffie sick.

They've been talking about tick borne diseases (but we have no grass) and possibly cancer (scary word--but it popped up so fast, and the eyes are sort of a surprising side effect) and I'm wondering-- is this a bacterial infection caused by a rat bite?

I called the vet and told her to look out for that--but I'm sort of hoping, because it gives us a thing we can fight.

But when I was in the vets' office, worried and tired and feeling like crap, the two sentient tribbles walked into the office.

Their names are Butch and Sundance.

I almost died of the cute.

And I thought I'd share :-)

And in the meantime, Geoffie and Mate and I have a standing, twice a day date with two medications and eye drops. *sigh* It's gotta be more than cute.

I think it's love.

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