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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mani-pedis and Texts

So this morning, I got a text from my stepmom. My cousin's wife, who is a few years younger than me--but not much--just had a baby. They'd tried for a lot of years, and so the baby is sort of a miracle, and it looks a lot like my late uncle. I called my cousin, and we spoke for the first time in... a decade and a half. I was just so happy for him. Funny how someone you haven't spoken to in a long time can still hold such a sway over your thoughts and prayers, right?

Anyway, I took a picture of Big T to show him that our big guy looks like a dead ringer for my own father, fifty years ago. My cousin was duly impressed.

Then I took Chicken, Squish, and Zoomboy for the ultimate footbath, as ZB calls his yearly pedicure. They had a good time.

I have to admit, though-- pedicures, though awesome--especially with my feet and my knee and my IT band--are a little bit boring.

Sometimes I knit, but today, the kids were there and I didn't want to just zone out, so I surfed my phone a bit.

And I ended up finding this meme on my feed:

I sent it to Mate--and had the following conversation.

Mate: Does it have to be spiders?

Me: Would you at least walk through snakes? Bugs? Rats?

Mate: Bunnies?

And then Mate posted this picture at the same time I texted Watch out, that rabbit's dynamite!

And I figured we'd survive, because we were obviously made for each other, critters or no critters. We might even survive slugs.

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