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Monday, August 24, 2015

We Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Posts Tomorrow...

Today, Mate and I had a sort of "nothing" day.

I wrote-- a lot. I cleaned off the kitchen table-- a little. 

We watched the following movies: Singing in the Rain, Nine to Five, The Gift, one episode of Frankie and Grace, the last episode of True Detectives (and dammit-- I wanted them all to live, that's all I'm saying), and mate is finishing off with The Edge and Ballers while I work some more.

I can't remember the last time we did one of these.  I think it was some time in February.

I needed this.  We needed this.  So tomorrow, I resume my regularly scheduled blog with some fanfic thrown in.  You may have noticed the "Adult Disclaimer" button-- that means I can get a wee bit more explicit with the fanfic.  Wee-hoo!!!!

And in the meantime, I've done SuperBat and Batman/Nightwing.  Let's hear from some fandoms you'd like to see!  Not promising I can do one of them or any of them for that matter-- but I sure would like to try!

So list your favorite fanfic pairings--even my own work, if you like.  I'm sort of enjoying the option to blog in fiction, so knock yourselves out!  Maybe some of them are my favorites too ;-)


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Jaycee Edward said...

You don't really need me to answer this, do you?