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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Good Morning Moments…

Good Morning Moments:

A.  Michael Bay movies may be like roller coasters, but roller coasters make me want to throw up.

B.  Does everyone want coffee?  Yes, no, yes-- honestly, doesn't matter. What matters? The dogs are going for a ride.

C.  Showers are optional when going for coffee.

D.  Dear political e-mailing demons-- if you fuckers hit me up for money one more time, I'm going to sue you for panhandling.

E.  Dear furry domesticated demons-- stop shitting in Chicken's room or she's going to cook you and eat you. I'm not stopping her--I'm busy.

F.  Good TV tonight. YAY!

G. As Goddess is my witness, I will take a nap today.

E. Big T and I agree that Ted Cruz is really a live action version of Ned Flanders.

F. OMG. I'm leaving for NY in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! *panics*

And on that note, I'm going writing today…s

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