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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Power Post

Okay, so school starts tomorrow for the little kids, and, well, five whole people heard me whine about how I haven't crammed enough fun in this summer for them, so let's have a list of what we've done for the past three days, shall we?

*  School shopping with my step mom

* Soccer

* Swimming at the pool with kids one last time

* Dance

*  Ignoring laundry

*  Soccer

*  Grocery shopping

*  Grocery shopping again because I realized that the first time, I bought vitamin water.  The second time, I needed things for school lunches and breakfast out the door and after school snacks.  There is a very different way to shop when school is in session, one that doesn't rely nearly as much on Chicken McNuggets and giant diet cokes.

*  Edit

* Dealing with family stuff and stupid mental health care disarray and the consequences of taking someone off antipsychotics after they've been on them for nearly 40 years.

*  Soccer

*  Edit.

*  Write special guest post for Cherie about promoting a new book!

*  Dance

* Edit

*I'm giving away a free copy of Sidecar HERE. 

*  Write some Dawson.

*  Edit

*  Make sure the kids have packed their backpacks for tomorrow.

*  Edit

*  Introduce Squish to Chicago, and teach her all the words to When You're Good to Mama.

*  Cook dinner

*  Realize you dumped wormy rice in your chicken stock.  Cook pizza.

*  Edit

*  Wonder how you're going to fit all this stuff in while shuttling kids back and forth.

*  I've got an interview about alpaca ranching HERE.

*  Wonder where the summer went, and why you didn't spend as much time as you wanted to with your kids as a whole.

*  Send them to bed with hugs and tears and one last admonition to have their clothes and their backpacks ready.

*  Sit down to edit just a little bit sadder than you did three nights ago.

*  Wonder where the time goes.


Jennifer J Saracino said...

Great interview for the knitting series. They are a favorite of mine and i reread them often. Cant wait for more of them... would love another green's hill (hint hint) book cory's been prego forever.

Roxie said...

Time flies whether you're having fun or not, so you may as well enjoy the ride.

The writing takes as much time as (gasp) a REAL job. Probably because it IS a real job.

There is never enough time to do it all. Yo do most of it and you do it damn well.