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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quick, look at the pretty!

Chicken, Zoomboy, and Squish all have their recital today.  Now there are going to be a thousand people working backstage and they have been working sixteen hour days for the last two weeks to make this happen, and I in no way want to minimize the effort of the mothers and volunteers and the kids themselves, but I have to say this.

Holy blessed Jebus, am I bushed.

Seriously-- between Chicken's graduation and her senior recital, plus the other kids' pressing need to do frivolous things like eat and have clean laundry and maybe not be bored out of their skulls, I have spent what feels like a week going to the store.  That's it.  Just shopping.  New leotards, new tights, new shorts for gymnastics, snacks, ice for the snack bar (it's a communal intermission snackbar-- I also bought cookies) flowers for the kids, stuffed animals for the kids snacks for my purse because the damned thing runs 4 1/2 hours and if I don't have some beef jerky in there I will be jumping the line for some goddamned cookies... just... just STUFF.  I have spent a week shopping for STUFF.  Everything from needles and thread to stitch sparkles to Chicken's costume (which took me a day) to hair pins and hair elastics and... and...

The mind boggles.

Or at least MY teeny tiny little mind boggles.

Now in the past I've done a really thoughtful post about recital, but seriously-- if you're as bored hearing about it as I am about LIVING it, I think we've had enough thoughtful posts.  Last year, I sat by myself and texted Mary in a panic.  HELP ME.  I'M BORED.  SEND PORN AND BEER.  Well, still waiting for the beer from Hawaii, but she DID pony up with the porn, (okay-- not REALLY porn... ) and in that spirit, I'm going to post some pictures of rehearsal and a whole lot of boy-pretty.  Quick!  Look at the pretty!  That way you'll forget that I've spent two weeks doing the I-live-for-my-children mom thing and have lost all pretense of a personality, job, or social life!

(Okay-- I lied a little about the social life.  Chicken and I did get to have lunch with Z.A. Maxfield and her LOVELY daughter, Zoe.  We talked about writing and children and dieting--of which she is far more successful than I.  Anyway-- okay.  So I cheated a little on my martyr-mother agenda.  Sue me.  Doesn't she look pretty in the picture?)

So here we go.  Be distracted by the pretty.  I'm gonna go watch my perfect children be beautiful in a sweaty auditorium.  This time I won't be alone btw-- all of the granny-and-auntie-come-latelies are going to be there, as well as Chicken's best friend (whom you have seen in pictures before!) Stevie.  So this is my last chance to gawk at pretty until tomorrow as well!  Enjoy!


Roxie said...

actually, I think your real 3D life is a lot more entertaining than 2D pictures of man candy. I bet the recital was great!

KnitTech said...

Why is the shirt red when it says Sunshine?