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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Little Blather With Your Snark

Hey Guys-- sorry I've been so out of the loop!  The kids had two days off--and that doesn't go as easily as it used to, and seriously--catching up on two weekends away in such quick succession-- wow.  WILL catch up with everyone's blogs tomorrow--I miss you all, and you know it!  Uhm, Zoomboy's birthday is on Tuesday, but today is The Big Sam Day--and I will be VERY busy (soccer game, zoo, movie, come home and cook pizza... *whew*) but I thought I could stop by and offer some snark from Shakespeare (which is doing pretty well--I hope everyone is enjoying it!) I had a hard time picking a snarky place-- James and Rafi pretty much banter through the whole book, and Rafael is unmerciful about giving James a hard time!  (Sometimes in the best of ways, but not here:-)  And don't forget to check out the other snarky snippets that you can find Here!

James whimpered and would have banged his forehead against the steering wheel, but the light turned green.
“You’re just evil. Evil sex on legs. I should pull over and let you out at the nearest strip mall or I’ll be spoiled for all other underwear models forever.”
Rafael’s chuckle made his balls stop dancing. There was no room to dance when his cock took up the entire dance floor in his pants. “You got a long line of underwear models in your bed, Jimmy-Jack, or are you sayin’ I’ll ruin your stroke mags for life?”
James scowled. “Do I look like I’ve got a long line of underwear models in my bed? I’ve got a long line of underwear models on my computer. They love me. They’re always hard, always there, and they don’t take off and leave me for married sugar daddies who finally leapt out of the closet and left their wives. I don’t need real, but I do need faithful. I’m okay, really. I’m fine.”
“Oh, daddy, you may be fine, but you’re miles away from okay.”
James made a face. “And please don’t call me ‘daddy’.”
“I could call you ‘papi’—how’s that?”
“It means ‘daddy’ in Spanish, doesn’t it.” He didn’t even have to ask the question. He knew from the way Rafael chuckled that it was just one more way to yank his chain.
“Of course it does. You’re too easy.”


Dakota Trace said...

What a pair! I'll definitely check out this book - especially if this is how they banter the entire time.

VJ Summers said...

@Dakota - they *do*! It's a riot. I laughed out loud for the whole thing.