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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Round one is over and I'm still standing!

And tomorrow, I will post a date and time, so that you all can help me so that Josh Lanyon does not kick my ass too hard. (Keeping Promise Rock will be up against Fair Game in the next bracket. Josh. Lanyon. *swoon*)

Anyway-- I may have shared a little trash talking phrase with a few of you that I felt deep in my soul. If you feel compelled to do so--by all means, post it in the comments.

You KNOW I danced up and down in my kitchen, screaming it at the top of my lungs!

Thank you so much everyone who voted--I didn't ever expect to make it past round one, and I have, and I'm just SOOOOOO jazzed! You all rock-- thank you for your fabulosity--I'm humbled:-)


Mary M. said...

Woohoo!! I'm so glad you made it honey! I saw a few days ago you were in the running for the tournament and I'm happy I remembered to go and vote today. Will make sure to do the same tomorrow. Congrats again! *hugs*

Roxie said...

You SO don't suck!! Squeeee!

Chris said...

Oh, good luck - he trounced Heidi. :(

Chris said...

Um. My veri word was "slays"... O.o

KnitTech said...

You mean I have to go vote again?!

DecRaink said...


Good luck in the next round