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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gambling Men Part Six

Guess what's out tomorrow!

No, not Making Promises,

although it IS available for pre-order and is on the Coming Soon page!

No, no-- this is a much smaller release, but it is still sort of special, because,

A. I just finished another shorty in the sequence, and so you know it's not the last one.


B. It's the first couple I ever wrote for DSP, Jace and Quent, the two guys who showed up in the shorts in Curious.

You may remember these guys-- they're the ones inspired by this video:

and I still feel sort of an affinity for this vodka, btw, even though I don't often drink.

The story is short, it can stand alone (but it's always nice when you've read the backstory) and, well, my guys are sort of a friend favorite. (i.e.,I have friends who will be appeased for almost every sin in the book if only I continue to write another Jace and Quent story. Since one of these friends Littlewitch and another is Lynn, my editor at DSP, I think they'll keep showing up every now and then.)

And it's Raising the Stakes the next "Gambling Men" installment, and only a few people may read it, but I, for one, am pleased:-)


Roxie said...

Yay, Amy! Yahooo! Much prosperity to you.

Chris said...

This must be the Summer of Amy. :)

KnitTech said...

You're all over the place this summer!! How awesome is that?