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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Quick, "Why my kid is a genius" entry.

Okay-- this involves the Cave Troll's real name, but it was awesome, and I wanted to share it before I forgot!

His dad was giving him a hard time about practicing his handwriting. "Pretty soon, big guy, your 'K's are going to look more like 'H's!"

"My 'K's do not look like 'H's! My name isn't 'Hewyn!'"

Mate and I stopped and looked at eachother. "Actually," I said, that was pretty damned smart!"

So there you go--why handwriting does NOT equal intelligence!


Donna Lee said...

I agree handwriting is no indication of genius. My husband is one of the smartest men I know and he has the handwriting from hell.

KnitTech said...

That's a pretty good leap there.

Galad said...

I'd echo Donna Lee. The boy genius is right on.

JenB said...

Smart kiddo! :D

If handwriting were an accurate gauge of intelligence, doctors couldn't make it through medical school.